Monday, June 26, 2006


1 mth into the relationship and it's almost over. Jess feel our characters are not suitable for each other. I know that we do have our differences, I can feel it too. She does not feel for me the way a gf should feel for a bf. I can feel that too. But we are only a mth into this relationship. Shdn't we give ourselves more time to know each other better?

I tot I can be nonchalent abt this relationship. But when I hear it coming from her; the real nonchalence in her voice. "I'll return you your things with me, and I'll return the money you lend me. You give me your bank account no." At that pt, I knew I lost.

What really hurt me is this; she said with her previous bfs, the first mth is always the honeymoon phase. But with us, there's no honeymoon phase. For this relationship, I tried my very best to be the best bf that I can be. But it is still not enough to earn that bit of feelings from her. The feeling of being a bf.

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