Friday, March 10, 2006

I've Got The Balls ~

Oh well, 6 mths after the first meeting, I finally qie my airport sweetheart. It wasn't really dramatic or awkward (to my amazement), but somewhere happened quite naturally. I touched down on Thur nite at abt 10pm. Initially, I wasn't even thinking of going to the duty free area to look ard as I was eager to get home, considering there's still work the next day. But when I reached the area, I just tot to myself "Just walk 1 rd if see if I might see her, it's not gonna take much time anyway". I was not expecting her as the previous few times I saw her was during the day time. So kind of expecting her to work the day shift.

I made 1 rd rd her usual area n saw ntg but little old ladies. Just when I tot it's time to go, I saw her. And she saw me too.

(The following dialogue is based on my vague memory of the conversation that took place, might not be the exact words, but more or less the same idea)

She was quick to say hi.

Lorraine: "Hello, can i help you?"

(I was kinda caught, so I just spoke whatever came to mind. Which happened to be the truth.)

Me: "Oh... I was just dropping by to see if I might see you ard."

Lorraine: "Oh izit? Where are you going this time?"

Me: "I just got back from Shanghai, erm... btw, do you remember who I am?"

(I know this sounds like an idiotic qn, but I gotta make sure you see?)

Lorraine: "Ya, of coz I do. I just can't remember where you told me you're going last time."

(Hmmm... how true it is that she remembered, I wun know. I shd have tested it out there and then. Shucks.)

Me: "Oh, I went to Shanghai also. it's the only place I've been going so far."

Lorraine: "Oic... it's nce of you to drop by to see me.. blah blah blah.."

The conversation went on to topics like what's the latest men's perfume, what time her shift ends, and other minor details. Till it was almost time to get going, I was still wondering how I could get some contact details and decide to maybe just fuck it. So I said:

Me: "I guess I shd get going." (Turn to go)

Lorraine: "Hey, I haven gotten your name yet."

(Fuck, it's now or never!)

Me: "Oh.. I'm Andy, and you r Lorraine rite? Eh... would u like to keep in contact?"

(That's it, the magic words are out)

Lorraine: ".... sure."

She actually asked for my card, but I din have any with me. Plus my card doesn't have my hp number anyway. So I just asked her for her number and said I'll give her a miss call later.

I turned and left, feeling like I have balls of steel. But in actual fact, I din really do anything. It simply just happened.

I dropped her a sms while I was on the cab on the way home, which she did not reply. Not too frenly for a start, but then today Pris just told me she replied my sms which I did not receive. Maybe it's my hp prob?

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