Sunday, March 19, 2006

Groovy Baby

Salsa. Salsa. Salsa. That has been my driving force for the past 3 weeks. Is it love for the activity? Or is it some other reason? That's up for debate. Fridays are what I'm looking forward to every week; I even plan my Shanghai trip so as not to miss salsa class. Sat nites which used to be predominantly clubbing nites have became salsa nites for the past 3 weeks as well. And to think I used to think Lewis talks salsa, eats salsa, breathes salsa. It may just be a matter of time b4 I myself become like this. What's happening to me?

Just to close things up for some other chapters: The airport sweetheart/Lorraine saga is officially declared a bust. Her single sentenced sms replies rivals that of the great Daphne. Anyway, not to mislead anyone, but I have only send her a grand total of 2 sms. 2 sms and I can deduce the above. That tells pretty much abt the content of her replies. Until the next airport trip then, sweetheart... =P

Well..... abt Jessie. Ya, right. The same Jessie that I mentioned was on my mind the whole day in a few entries back. I haven seen her ever since the first nite actually... Mostly it's just crapping on msn, or trying to get each other to go club at some place but have nv yet to work out in any case. All in all, she's a nice gal to talk to, crap with, hang out buddy type. But I reckon better not to get too involved with her. Her life style prob could rival Michi's in terms of complications. I'm really not too suited (nor want to) for such biz anymore. Too taxing, too mind-wrenching, and mainly I dun see y I shd get myself involved in the 1st place.

Then there's still Vellene.... right? And of coz there's Miss C. Wrong. Haiz... also dunno how to say. This is working life I guess. It just doesn't allow u to try to date or even get to know someone more on a more regular basis.

So that's that for my scandalous love life. You would've expected sth more rite? Hahaha... Actually I'm holding back. Holding back from going all out. My approach is rather lackadasical. Prob that explains y none seems to work out. No one that could make me wana go all out. But I sense my downfall in her. Another Princess from Sengkang. Just what r the chances of that ? Damn.

(confused? not to worry, the clouds will clear in time to come.)

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