Monday, July 11, 2005

The Place

I was back at a place where I had gotten very familiar with, though I had absolutely no business there strictly speaking. I made frequent visits to this place in 2002 because of her. The frequent trips over to study, to accompany her, and even a confrontation. Well, I was back there again but I wouldn't have dreamt that we'd actually be back there together, even just half a mth ago. The places we went to brought the nostalgia.

The building where there's no hp reception and male/female washrooms on alternate levels

We were there once, n I was reprimanded for making her look for me while I waited for her to sms me after we visited the washrooms on different floors.

The canteen with the pink tables

Numerous times I have seen her sitting in the canteen during lunch time with her frens. Numerous times the conflict in my mind to go over and say hi n numerous times I always resisted.

The confrontation with Bamboo took place there as well. Xinyi was there as well n I even have to rope in Eugene eventually. Honestly, I din know she was going to be so upset over what I told her, to actually set up a confrontation. Bamboo must be cursing me so bad in his heart after that day, but honestly, I din meant it as a sabotage to his efforts to win her heart.

The incredibly coincidental thing is that we actually met Bamboo that day in the canteen. Nobody acknowledge anybody. He must be thinking: this fool sure is persistent. 3 yrs n still going on. haha.

The library up the sloping road

The place where I left her 3 years ago with a sad resolve in my mind. She was angry with me on that particular day, when we were supposed to study in the library. I tried all I could to make her happy. I drew her a smiley face with a silly smile which she told me b4 that it looked very cute, b4 I left for tuition.

That was the last time that we went out; in a long while. The strong resolve to work things out had faltered. What was left was a sad resolve. The sad resolve to back off. I knew that would be the last time I'm gonna see her. But I want to make her happy even if its the last time I'm seeing her. I'm the Great Pretender.

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