Monday, July 18, 2005


The past 2 weeks have been busy ones. I attended 4 convocations in all, including my own. Gillian on fri, Lewis on tue, Hui on wed and my own on fri. Was supposed to attend Shiyi's convo as well, but couldn't really get my bum off the bed that morning.

My primary role at Gillian's convo was bag carrier. Xinyi functioned as the official photographer. Her mum, aunt, sis n bro turned up for her convo. At that time I wondered if her mum n sis would remember me from 3 yrs back. They must be thinking this guy's really perserve or this guy's simply too thick to be after her for 3 yrs without success. We went out afterwards to orchard for dinner and then Indochime for some drinks.

Now for some gossips. I saw Hanqiang as we were walking along outside wisma towards indochime. His face was sordid and he waved me a casual hi n proceeded on his way. When we entered the live band section of indochime, I saw Queenie at a table with her ex bf. They were happily holding hands and cuddling n kissing. I put 2 n 2 together and figured Hanqiang must have just left from there. What bemused me the most was the lack of guilt on Queenie's face. She was happily carrying on her reverie with his old love while Hanqiang stalked off, face black as charcoal. This dun reflect too well on her I supposed, but who was I to judge.

Gals r heartless creatures. I experienced this first hand. When they found new love, they brush u off like a piece of dirt. The regrets come after a while, when the honeymoon period ended and problmes started surfacing. That's when they wondered if they would have been better off had they stayed with their old love. Remorse n guilt may have plagued her thru-out her new relationship but it doesn't help any cause now does it? The damage has been done. The pain is inflicted. It runs like an invisible scar across my chest, one that cuts right to my heart. Only those unfortunate enough to have experienced the same would understand the kind of pain that I felt at that time. It is beyond words.

She was the highlight of my life then. Everything I did, I did it for her. Every dreary mission n route march I undertaken, the tot of her keeps me going. To bk-out and see her every weekend. Every jump I took, I told myself I must not die because I gotta live to see her. I kept myself out of trouble as far as I could cos I treasure my weekends more than anything else. She was my world. She left. My world is no more. I died.

I ended up writing so much on the past when this entry is titled 'convocations'. Mustn't sidetrack too much. Back to convocations.

I attended Lewis n Ruimin convo on tue. It was my birthday as well. Everyone pretty much had their own programs to attend to. So ended up with Eugene & me going marina square in the meantime waiting for anyone else to join us. We watched Fantastic 4 which shd really be titled Fantastic 1 instead. (Jessica Alba being the 1 of coz) Lewis and Ruimin joined us for dinner after voyaging the sch for photo taking. Hui met us for dinner even later at marche and she brought the fabled Andru with her. That marked the simplest birthday I had these few yrs. Not much fanfare. Not much gimmicks. I'm too old for all these as well.

Next was Hui convo on wed evening. Hilda was there as well, and apart from her, no one else I knew. I saw my eye candy. She's from Biz, 1 yr my junior. It took me till her convocation to find out. Haha. Was with Hui and another guy from her Masters class who doesn't seem to like me a great deal.

And lastly, there was my own convocation. Since all the working personnel couldn't attend it, I asked everyone who could make it to not attend as well. Just a simple affair with my family. MPE convocation was split into 3 sessions. Pretty disruptive for photo-taking purposes. Ended up just took individual shots with whoever I could find on the spot. The nite was spent at a board game shop in Bugis by the name of Oasis. Eugene, Lewis, Ruimin and I was there till 2+ in the morning. I've got a good mind to ask Gillian with us sometime.

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