Wednesday, December 14, 2005

3rd Trip

Back from my 3rd Shanghai trip, where I was required to give a presentation in Mandarin. I suck big time; but really impressed at the eloquence of my boss, be it whether in eng or mandarin. The meeting got kinda ugly, cos of Mr X, from the way I see it, is actually quite an incompetant man. Only his history in the army gave him some stature from which he accomplishes what he has done so far. A bit of of a background advantage. And these fucking Chinese men whom were from the army in the past have a habit of using the word 'qiang bi' ie: to be shot. Everything also wan to qiang bi. The only thing thats gonna be qiang bi would be his balls.

I saw Gillian the other day, when I was at JP shopping for winter wear. She was dining with a guy at Billy Bomber's. She was laughing happily while the listening to the guy talk. It seemed like the ideal scenario that she always wanted. The guy would chat her up and engage her in interesting conversations. Something that I nv seem to do as good as how she wants. At least I'm glad to see that she can be happier with someone else than with me. Even if things dun work out, at least I know she's happy now. Anyway, me n my mysterious luck at work again. On my way to JP I was just thinking if I might meet anyone there. Gillian did cross my mind cos she told me she saw me at JP b4 last time when I was with Min. Then indeed I have to see her.

Saw my airport sweetheart Lorraine at the perfume shop again. We said "Hello". =(


Anonymous said...

hmm.. lorraine?? so wheres mohammad?? andy mohammad kwa?

雪儿 said...

Eh, when Salsa starts??